Monday, August 20, 2012

feta makes everything taste better.

i don't know what i love more, making jewelry or making food. 

i watch cooking shows every night 
{my sweet husband goes along with it as he knows how happy it makes me}, 
but only some shows. 
i don't care for the challenge shows, 
except for the food truck shows, 

i shop farmer's markets, Trader Joe's 
{they should put me on their payroll, i love them and talk about them so much}
and Sprout's {Sprout's is a healthy grocery store with the best produce around}.

i love recipes. i collect them and make them every day. 
i also make lots of my own creations.

here are a few favs that i made recently.

oh, and really important, i only like easy recipes
and i use short cuts as much as possible 
and i'm a vegetarian, 
so i never make anything with meat.


these eggs are my husband's creation.
basil and tomatoes from our garden and feta.

orzo, mini heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil
and feta {feta makes everything taste better}.

hearts of palm salad with fresh tomatoes and basil,
Trader Joe's feta dressing and fresh parmesan shavings. 

quinoa and chopped fresh vegetables, 
dressing of your choice. easy and healthy.

quinoa, edamame, red peppers, celery, 
english cucumber and dressing of your choice.

i also love to photograph the food and share the recipes.
you can see my inspiration boards 
for beautiful photos and recipes
here on pinterest 
and you can follow me on instagram
for almost daily menu ideas,
mostly salads, cuz that's what i mostly eat
at this time of the year. come fall,
i'm all about soup and sandwiches.

and one last thing, i'm teaching my daughter 
to choose a variety of foods at the market, 
create easy, exciting dishes 
and to love and appreciate 
an array of fresh and interesting foods.

some great tips i passed along to her,
if you're making something italian; 
soup, sandwich, pasta, etc., add a few spoonfuls of pesto.
if you're making something mexican, add a few spoonfuls of salsa.
oh, and feta makes everything taste better.