Friday, August 24, 2012

weekend plans.

i so want to make this.

happy friday.

it's raining this morning. 
a summer rain, i guess. 
but, it's actually a little cool 
{feels a tiny bit like fall}
and it's friday, 
so i'm planning
what to do 
what to make for a meal or two 
over the weekend.

this would be great tonight;
bake sliced figs topped with brie, 
warm under broiler 
and serve with whole grain crackers.

it might end up being too warm 
this weekend 
for this delicious soup,
but i'm going to make it soon.

thought i'd make this sunday night
to have with our weekly sunday dinner;
{usually grilled fish}.

we have some fun plans 
for the weekend;
going downtown to hit the thrift stores
early tomorrow morning, 
and the evening at the beach.
sunday is still to be determined,
but good food and the beach are a definite.

what are your plans for 
this almost 
the end of the 
summer weekend?

images are on my pin boards.