Thursday, May 17, 2012

you have teenagers!?!

The card reads: 
"Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!!
Thanks for being my 24/7 stylist, 
thearapist, health nut, yogi and homie!
I love you Mommy, 
thanks for putting up with my teenage girlness, 
like all the time! You are the coolest 
mom out of all my friends, 
I'm surprised you don't have a show 
called "Keeping up with Kerri" yet. 
I love you sooooo much!!!
Love, Mikaela"

"you have teenagers!?!" 
I get this a lot from strangers, 
which totally surprises me, because, seriously, 
I've aged a good ten years in the last five!

I have the coolest kids, I'm their mom, I can say that. 
But, having teenagers is tough. 
It doesn't matter if it's Mother's Day, Father's Day, 
Christmas or my birthday, 
stuff happens 
and sometimes a day that is supposed to be 'perfect' can be trying. 
Having said that, I'm not one to focus on negativity, 
so I'll say this, Mother's Day was hard, but this sweet card made up for it. 
Mikaela wrote this card before Sunday 
and gave it to me the day after Mother's Day. 
I love it and wanted to share it, 
not because it spells out how cool I am {wink, wink}, 
but rather because it is a sweet reminder that even when life 
{read: HAVING KIDS} 
is challenging, 
there isn't anything more important 
to me than being their mom.

ps. in the spirit of being fair, my son, 
went shopping on his own
and bought me a beautiful mermaid 
that is sitting on my fireplace mantle, 
another reminder of the love in my life.
{he also picked himself out three tattoos in the past year
all of which we said, no, please don't get any tattoos!}
and, of course, 
my husband went overboard, as always, 
to show his love and appreciation.
{he is my dream come true}.