Wednesday, July 22, 2009

yoga is sexy. running is not.

after years of running, hating every minute of it, i took up yoga.  yoga isn't really me.  it's calm, peaceful, mindful, quiet, but i was smitten

 taken by the darkened room, the trickling water, the buddhas, the instructors, the yoga clothes, the magazines and the bodies, i fell hard for yoga.  practiced every day.  i felt sexy, drank lots of tea, relaxed (unheard of for me) bought cute yoga clothes, made lots of yoga-inspired jewelry, stopped shaving my legs (no, just kidding), meditated (even set up a meditation area in my house, big buddha, candles, books, malas).  i loved yoga, and then summer came. 

yoga and 'me' time seem to slip away, each day i thought 'tomorrow i'll do my practice', and then more days would slip by. (i think i've only done my practice three or four times in the last six weeks). 

feeling quite sad and very out of shape, i've decided to take up running again. i know that seems weird, but running gets you in good shape quickly and it's fast and helps to relieve stress. so, today, i ran. it was hot, sweaty and boring, but i did it. it's not sexy like yoga, but hopefully when 'me' time comes back around in a few weeks or so, i'll be in perfect shape to have another love affair with yoga.