Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New year. New vibes.

Harper's Topiary Garden in San Diego. #mustsee

The holidays were amazingly busy and fun. 
I spent tons of time with my beautiful family, 
ate way too much super good food 
and just really took in all the 
love and joy of the season.

I loved every minute of it!
... but, somehow, I'm always really happy when it's all over 
and always really ready to start the new year fresh. 
You, too?

Like everyone else, I have huge plans for this year, 
some are last year's goals that still need to be carried forward 
with a new shot of enthusiasm 
and some are new ideas and practices 
that I can't wait to implement.

A beautiful San Diego home with must-have security guards.

I hope you'll continue to stop by once in awhile,
I'm going to try again this year 
to be a more frequent blogger, 
and if you're interested, 
you can sign up for my newsletter here.

I hope to share the latest happenings, 
news and discount codes, again, 
hopefully on a somewhat frequent basis. 
It won't all be about my love for making jewelry, 
I plan to share some of my 
favorite things, places, and people 
{animals} that I come across along the way. 

This guy made me laugh out loud.

I'm not setting any carved-in-stone goals for myself, 
I don't want to disappoint or get discouraged, 
I just plan to be more 

M I N D F U L 

and grateful overall, and with that I hope 
to continue to share, and hopefully, 
inspire you, my friends, much like you do me.