Monday, September 5, 2011

behind every great photo is a great photographer {mom}.

i get many inquiries about my photography.  i am self-taught. 
i know very little. i don't read manuals, i just fiddle around 
until i produce what i see in my mind's eye. 
i am not in a position to give any one any 
kind of advice about the technical side of taking photos. 

i can, though, give you some advice on patience and bribes.

 i seriously work so hard to get the perfect shot, many shots are taken before i get 'the shot' that appears online. one of the things that i find most important is lighting, the other is patience. when i need a model shot, i first have to wait for the perfect lighting, then, the perfect timing, remember i have  a teenager, so timing, i.e., attitude is everything...this sometimes means that photo shoots can not be scheduled, they must be spontaneous...a good mood, a good hair day, etc...means mom gets to book the model for, maybe an hour, usually, i get only a few minutes, between checking texts and snacks. often a bribe is involved...say a promised trip to the thrift stores or cold hard cash.

thought you might enjoy seeing a few behind the scene shots...
this is what makes being a photographer {mom} so much fun.


a great photographer needs: 
and above all, patience.

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  1. so sweet! i know everyone says it, and now i know it to be true ... they grow up so fast.


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