Sunday, September 4, 2011

when times are tough, i'm a girl of few words.


when times are tough, i'm a girl of few words.
with a broken heart and an almost broken spirit, 
the summer was long, but i got through it 
putting all the positive-thinking training
i've had to the test
and it worked, 
while things are still tough, 
my spirit remains unfazed 
and i am moving ahead.

not one to look back,
always one to look forward.

i'll just say...i'm back.
back to blogging...back to sharing

and as crazy as it may still be
in my little corner of the world, 
i'm looking forward to what lies ahead.

so forgive me for the break. 
know that in my heart,
i never left, 
the creativity in my soul will never escape me
...i just couldn't  get the words out. 

{my daughter's blog}.


  1. I wondered where you had been. I'm sorry it's been a tough summer, but glad youve come through it. Welcome back. 

  2. Thanks m.o.m.!

    I stopped by your darling corner of the world the other day...such a sweet slice of life!

  3. i, too, had wondered about you this summer ... i hope you're well and let me know if you need anything - anything at all! xo

  4. Thanks Alex...looking forward to when we see each other again!


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