Monday, May 6, 2013

Something has been stirring in me for some time now, 
and while I have continued on the path 
I've been on for some time, 
an alternative route sign keeps popping up
in my head and in my heart, 

I take a few steps in that direction and then, 
before I know it, I'm back on the well-traveled trail again. 

When I started TenThings, it felt fresh and exciting, 
that was five years ago, 
I had no idea that TenThings Jewelry 
would grow and be as successful as it is. 
Please know that I am very grateful for this success. 
Oh so very, very grateful.
As time has gone on, 
I have grown as a person, 
as an artist, 
and as a business person,
{something I still can't believe I am}
and recently, I have been feeling that I need to 
follow my heart, 
not just my business mind, 
much as I did when I first started making jewelry.
{I never had a plan for success, 
I was just doing what I loved}.

As with all things, I believe, 
you must follow your heart;
and do all things with love.
I work on this every day 
and feel that I am following my heart 
in all aspects of my daily life. 

That is with the exception of my business, 
I've been feeling a little stuck artistically 
lately and have been wanting to create more pieces 
from the heart, not just pieces that sell really well. 
Inspired by my friend Sana of,
I have decided to take the leap,
to create pieces that feel good to me,
that have a significant meaning to them, 
pieces I would wear and won't want to part with.

I have decided to take 
a longer walk on new paths...
to see what happens
when you truly 
do and make what you love.

A walk of new beginnings,
a walk that feels more appropriate 
for where I am in my life, 
what I believe in, and who I am growing to be.

Old favorites will still be available for a limited time, 
as I sort out my wholesale transition from Trunkt to Etsy.

One thing that will never change is the love and 
attention to detail that goes into each handmade piece.

I hope that my friends and customers 
will see the 
in these new 
and come along on this 

Photo credits. Jewelry photos belong to Kerri Jones of TenThings.
Other photos are reposts from here: TenThings JewelryTumblr.