Friday, March 16, 2012

thoughts about Lucy's cloud.

i started my friday this morning with 
an Ashtanga Yoga class. 
it was challenging and i loved every minute.
after practicing asanas, 
we meditated, and then went into Savasana
{in Savansana, 
you are to relax
clear your mind
be aware of your body
stay alert,
and be a a witness to yourself}. 

today in Savasana, 
my instructor told us that 
when thoughts come into our minds 
to simply see them as a cloud 
moving through the sky 
and not to let the thoughts remain, 
but to stay focused on relaxing.

this is all good and fine, Yogi Indian man,
except for your comment about the cloud. 
the comment about the cloud
made me immediately think of this beautiful photo 
from my friend Lucy Snowe
{i love you Lucy, but you already know that}
so, while in Savasana, i started composing 
this blog post in my mind. 

as i did, 
i thought about what a perfect image 
her cloud is, 
for a yoga studio, for a meditation space, 
for a bedroom, for a nursery. 
i thought about how perfect it would be 
to have this image as a reminder 
to let thoughts 
drift by like a cloud 
when you are relaxing.

after my experience today, 
from now on, when i am in Savasana
i will try to remain thought-free 
imagining my thoughts
drifting through the sky 
like Lucy Snowe's cloud.

please visit Lucy's shop
for this and many, 
many other gorgeous
thought provoking,
i must say.