Saturday, March 31, 2012

pinterest. cookies and OCD.

i am an artist, 
and while it took me years to claim that, 
it fits me, and i now own the title proudly.  
i am also an 
avid artist supporter. 
i love handmade works 
and i am totally stoked 
that i am fortunate enough 
to go online everyday and see, and be, 
inspired by the amazing works of art of others.

having said that, 
pinterest became the perfect place 
to collect, support, share and build inspiration boards. 
perfect, until i caught wind that maybe what i was doing 
wasn't the coolest thing to do {for artists or for legal reasons}, 
so, without much real thought 
{but lots of obsessive, i.e. worried thoughts}, 
i flew the coop. 
{that's the OCD in me, i am proud to claim that title, too}.
i missed pinterest really, really bad. 
at first, i thought being free 
was going to give me more time for creative endeavors,
and i felt i was doing the 'right' thing, but i missed it. truly,
so i kept checking back to see what others were posting.
that's when i found two fantastic things:

and now, i'm back
it will take me a long time 
to get back to where i was 
and i miss my old boards, 
but i hope you will follow me 
as i pin thoughtfully and supportively 
in support of the community 
that i love so much!

oh, and i made the cookies in aqua, 
because i love 
as much as the next girl, 
but i kinda have this thing for aqua.
{but, you already knew that}.