Monday, October 8, 2012

most wanted.

we are finally getting some cooler weather, 
and they are predicting rain for later this week.

i pulled my pants, boots, heels and shirts
to the center front of my closet
and i'm thinking about outfits 
for the cooler months ahead.

i love to pull my favorites, 
add a few new pieces
and dress up with accessories.

we'll be hitting the thrift stores today:

a few things on my most wanted list for fall:

a slouchy, boyfriend v-neck sweater or two.

a grey oversized-sweatshirt {simple, comfortable, sexy}.

an army-style dress shirt.

a brown oversized bag.

another pair of vintage levi's.

something red.

here are a few of my fall closet favorites, 
including this shirt i picked up over the weekend. 

snowcat boy shirt. jcrew. found on sale. $30 =/-.

vintage levi's. thrifted leopard shoes $18.

my version of the liberty shirt, thrifted $40, made in india.

thrifted. classic western style ralph lauren shirt. 
so old, i can't remember how much i paid.

indian boho blouse. thrifted $12. 

cashmere v-neck. christmas gift.
this is an xs so it's fitted. 
i'm looking for a looser one, maybe in camel.

collection of belts. some target, some gap.

my favorite vintage thrifted belt.

all of my closet pulls were inspired by
jcrew {all images below}and pinterest.

so, what do you already own 
that you are going to incorporate
into your fall wardrobe
what's on your wish list for fall?