Sunday, September 13, 2009

art by kelli murray.

i found artist kelli murray in a-round-about way (not the usual way; hours and hours spent perusing etsy and various design blogs).

while at ASR (action sports retail show) this week, i was lucky enough to preview many lines of tees, dresses, swimwear, surfboards, skateboards and accessories, by cutting-edge designers, soon to be on the market come fall.

one of my favorites was the holiday 2009/spring 2010 line for jedidiah.
a humanitarian based fashion brand that
aspires to cultivate change through creativity and passion.

i immediately fell in love with the graphics on the women's tees.

with a little bit of research, i found this amazing urban-hip artist and her relatively new store on etsy. please stop by and show kelli some love.

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