Saturday, September 26, 2009

get excited and make things.

today, while looking through toast,
I fell in love with

while i don't really need these,
(not now, anyway, it's 90 degrees outside here in southern california),
i LOVE them and want them bad.
i decided to look around a bit to see where i might find them in the states.
i happened upon this lovely blog with the knitting pattern for such mittens. unfortunately i don't knit, but thought her blog was amazing
and full of wonderful patterns and ideas for knitters (which i'm not)
and bakers (which i am).

also found these beauties from knitlush.

so, i won't be knitting the mittens, but will be baking
these delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.


  1. those mittens are adorable, well I can have them since here is cold 70% of the year :(( love the ket excited and make things perfect!!

  2. hi there!
    what? you don't knit? oh my.... i wish i lived near you, i would teach you and have you making those mitts in no time! you REALLY need a pair!

    thanks so much for the wonderful, kind words.


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