Friday, September 18, 2009

i heart music.

i love music. it's like breathing to me.

thought i'd share a few favorites:

anya marina.

move you. okay, i basically love everything she does,
but today, i'm sharing one song from each artist.
if you love them like i do, you'll soon get to know all their songs.
anya's are all beautiful.

jason mraz.

a beautiful mess. {those who know me are wondering
why JM wasn't at the top of this list.
he's been a favorite of mine forever}.
this is a song with the most amazing lyrics.
they touch me deeply,
but of course, i know all his songs by heart.

lily allen.

f*** you is my favorite, because i like the song, and it's meaning.
i'm not a girl who cusses, well at least not very often,
but this song is so suitable for humming when you just want
to scream it out loud. i'm so not into haters.

bob marley.

redemption song is my favorite.
it's like a prayer for me. like really spiritual.
when i hear it. the world stops.

jack johnson.

angel and go on. again, i love all his work, but
these two {yes, i chose two for JJ} songs touch me where it hurts.
i can listen to these over and over again. and i have.