Friday, September 18, 2009

should i or shouldn't i?

i have wavy, beachy, middle of my back, long hair.
i like messy, morning-after hair.
i'm not a polished-type of girl.
i've never straightened
or even blow-dryed my hair.

all was fine until i saw these photos of james {jaime} king
in Elle today.

the caption reads:

carnaby street bohemianism.

it might as well read:

get your hair cut now!

all of the sudden,
i have this crazy urge to cut my hair.

should i or shouldn't i?


  1. no no no! your hair is BEAUTIFULLLL!!!!

  2. I say do! I love the shorter waves AND it will always grow back should you not like it.

  3. I'm having this same debate lately. I'll do it, if you do it! =)

  4. No, your hair is beautiful. I have that same type of hair as you do, although I'm always cutting it shorter because it always seems like it gets big and it is so much. I think it always looks messy, but people tell me all the time how they love my hair and wish they had my curls. Although a shorter cut can be fun and like Kristie said above, it can always grow back.

  5. I've been wanting to do the same thing lately, and am so much like you. (let it air dry after the shower). I think you should GO FOR IT, but definitely not TOO short. Your waves are too pretty, so keep letting them show. :)

  6. awww, everyone's comments were so sweet. after a cooling period, i've decided to get my hair cut and colored, but not drastically, at least not now. (read: chickened out).


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