Wednesday, September 2, 2009

re-define beautiful. it's YOU.

i ran across this photo and article while searching for something else. i stopped in my tracks as it's not usually the type of photo you would see in a fashion mag. i love all the positive responses to a seemingly normal photo of a normal girl. i often feel sad (and less than perfect) that in our society, we, as women, work so hard to fit into a definition of (unrealistic) beauty (for me: it's 'magazine' beauty) and ask that you, my beautiful friends, simply look at yourself in the mirror (today), pay yourself a compliment (today) and re-define beautiful

it's YOU.


  1. Hi, I have visited your great blog. Success for you.

  2. I agree. Sometimes it is such a pressure and there's this constant feeling of "if only I had less THERE and more THERE." But since I've hit my 30's I'm starting to think I'm best looking when I'm smiling and just happy. :)


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