Saturday, October 3, 2009

i married a surfer.

what does this mean?

it means that very few days pass between trips to the beach.

it means that whether it's hot and sunny,
or cold and windy, we go to the beach.

it means lots of stair work-outs
and lots of cups of coffee when it's cold,

when it's warm it means playing in the water
and laying out in the sun
{under an umbrella, ella, ella, ella, of course}

and it means, endless talk about 'the waves'.

photo by my friend. jacqleenbleu.

my son {in the front} and his friend jayson.

many a day spent at the beach, lots of talk about waves,
and as many surfing magazines as fashion magazines.
i wouldn't trade being married to a surfer for anything.
how can you complain about another trip to the beach,
listening to jack johnson again
or eating fish tacos 3 or 4 times a week?


  1. that is awesommmmeee! i married a skateboarder and can say i understand the obsession!

  2. Hi Danielle! Mine skate, too! I used to work for a skateboard manufacturer when my son was a baby and we have been knee deep in skateboards and tech decks ever since. We especially love Sector 9. They're friends of ours. The sound of skateboards is never ending at my house. My son says he's concrete surfing.

  3. how sweet



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