Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the ultimate it brit.

i admit it,
i have a love affair
with royal crowns, bone-dry scones,
earl grey tea, layered trifle, short kate moss,
english rock bands and union jacks.

after all, my mother is from liverpool.

as a southern california surfer girl, i spent many years
correcting her 'english',
being slightly embarrassed by her choice of 'weird' words
and her strange way of speaking...
that is, until i figured out that being from a different country
was unique
and being from the UK, well, that was downright cool.

so below, a small tribute to the ultimate it brit, my mum
and all things english that i love, especially her.

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  1. i'm 100 percent shamelessly with you on this one... love it!


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