Monday, October 26, 2009

i'm buying handmade.

i am buying handmade this holiday season.
as a struggling artist, {yes, struggling},
i my handmade artist friends!
year round i make an effort to put my few dollars
in their pockets instead of the big retailers
and, can i just say, nothing makes me happier.

i will be sharing many handmade gift ideas
over the next several weeks,
in the hopes that you, too,
will support indie artists
this holiday season.

i love the ideas here.
i'm thinking about making some cool gifts
using these vinyl words.

oh the thinks you can think...

words on plates,
words on furniture,
words on walls...

i love this site. many more gift ideas here.
some i won't put on my site; wink, wink,
but will definitely be buying.

love. love. love.
these drawstring laundry bags!

love these dog beds.

a beautiful journal for
a beautiful girl, maybe your mom,
your friend, your wife?

perfect for an artist's studio.

a message to live by.
a perfect gift for anyone
'doing their own thing'
or contemplating
doing their own thing.

love this whimsical calendar!

love this with homemade cookies.
this would make a sweet hostess gift.

wouldn't this be a great gift to tell someone
how much you love them just they way they are?

personalized cards.
the perfect gift no one buys for themselves,
but everyone loves to have. {purchased}.

the gifts on this site are like something
you'd find in the sweetest boutique.
love these lavender sachets. {purchased}.

a unique, handmade calendar is a precious gift.
the options are endless on etsy.

stay tuned. more gift ideas to follow.