Monday, October 26, 2009

i'm buying handmade.

i am buying handmade this holiday season.
as a struggling artist, {yes, struggling},
i my handmade artist friends!
year round i make an effort to put my few dollars
in their pockets instead of the big retailers
and, can i just say, nothing makes me happier.

i will be sharing many handmade gift ideas
over the next several weeks,
in the hopes that you, too,
will support indie artists
this holiday season.

i love the ideas here.
i'm thinking about making some cool gifts
using these vinyl words.

oh the thinks you can think...

words on plates,
words on furniture,
words on walls...

i love this site. many more gift ideas here.
some i won't put on my site; wink, wink,
but will definitely be buying.

love. love. love.
these drawstring laundry bags!

love these dog beds.

a beautiful journal for
a beautiful girl, maybe your mom,
your friend, your wife?

perfect for an artist's studio.

a message to live by.
a perfect gift for anyone
'doing their own thing'
or contemplating
doing their own thing.

love this whimsical calendar!

love this with homemade cookies.
this would make a sweet hostess gift.

wouldn't this be a great gift to tell someone
how much you love them just they way they are?

personalized cards.
the perfect gift no one buys for themselves,
but everyone loves to have. {purchased}.

the gifts on this site are like something
you'd find in the sweetest boutique.
love these lavender sachets. {purchased}.

a unique, handmade calendar is a precious gift.
the options are endless on etsy.

stay tuned. more gift ideas to follow.


  1. great finds! thanks for including my print!

    i'm in LOVE with tastysuite and will definitely be buying some decals when i get my own place!

  2. great post and such beautiful stuff!!! i've been keeping my eyes open for ideas because i have decided to buy handmade this much love goes into every item and with all these talented artists we know the product is about love and creativity, and not the "sell." thanks for being an inspiration and a support!

  3. Such an inspiring post, Kerri. I had the idea to make gift baskets of tiny Etsy purchased things as Christmas gifts. :) Imagine all of the little goodies! (ps. and you just happen to be on my list of artists to support this season) xo

  4. My sister and I are buying handmade this year as well!

    We feel that it just will suite our purposes better and just be more unique and one of a kind :)

  5. thanks for all the great comments! buying handmade is a great thing to do to support all the wonderful people in our little community!

  6. this is awesome! can't wait to see what else you post!!! :D I love your blog!!!!

  7. What a great post! You have turned into my holiday gift personal shopper with these posts :) I completely agree with you about buying handmade. Etsy has such an amazing selection of shops - you really can find something truly unique & special for everyone on your gift list! Thank you very much for including harlow ~ monroe in this post, too :)

  8. Glad I found your blog. Wonderful post! I'm doing the handmade gifts again this year. Gotta support indie biz!!

  9. I love all this stuff. Handmade rocks! I'll either be buying or making handmade for the holidays this year too....

  10. great finds , I'll do the same handmade presents are more special!!

  11. I couldn't agree with you more about buying handmade or vintage. There are some fabulous found quite a few...and they are so much more personal than one bought super quickly from the retailers. Great post!!

  12. I forgot to add...if you would like to run an ad on my blog would love to have you! I'll link back to your's free. Love to help a fellow Etsian..just send me an email with a 130x130 image!


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