Thursday, October 8, 2009

leap and the net will appear.

there's something in the wind.

a new journey.
risk. excitement. nervousness.

i'm a girl that likes to have a plan.
{needs to know what's going to happen}

things are changing, though.

j. is starting a new business venture.
he and i are extremely thrilled about this,
but it's a different path than we're used to.
lots of unknowns.

i, on the other hand,
am filled with creative thought.
walking a tightrope.
balancing my work with my passion.

i feel as if i need to throw caution to the wind
and take a leap...

net, are you there?


  1. Do it, girl! Take that leap! I think i'm about to do the same.....

  2. It will be there. Take the leap!

  3. thanks for all the support friends, i did take the leap and...i'll keep you posted. ;)


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