Friday, October 30, 2009

more handmade love.

busy workin' on my gift list.... more pretties.

i love t-shirts. this one is provocative.
and i believe in the message.

these are hot! all you need is a LBD
and you're all set to hit the town.

this photo made me laugh at first and then i felt sad,
but i love this artist's work
and this photo stopped me in my tracks
when i saw it.
isn't that what art is supposed to do,
make you feel something.

i have this t-shirt. mine is a v-neck, but it's got the same message,
something in french about being in love with someone
and getting them drunk when they are sad.
they have men's tees, too.

i love scrubs and these are deliciously sexy!
p.s. honey, these are on my wish list.
{note to self: make sure husband is reading my blog}.

i normally do photographs or prints on the walls,
but i am loving this personalized plate
and think it would make a beautiful gift.
many other options in her shop.