Friday, October 30, 2009

more handmade love.

busy workin' on my gift list.... more pretties.

i love t-shirts. this one is provocative.
and i believe in the message.

these are hot! all you need is a LBD
and you're all set to hit the town.

this photo made me laugh at first and then i felt sad,
but i love this artist's work
and this photo stopped me in my tracks
when i saw it.
isn't that what art is supposed to do,
make you feel something.

i have this t-shirt. mine is a v-neck, but it's got the same message,
something in french about being in love with someone
and getting them drunk when they are sad.
they have men's tees, too.

i love scrubs and these are deliciously sexy!
p.s. honey, these are on my wish list.
{note to self: make sure husband is reading my blog}.

i normally do photographs or prints on the walls,
but i am loving this personalized plate
and think it would make a beautiful gift.
many other options in her shop.


  1. cool stuff! i'm going to HAVE to have one of those tees in french...too close to Christmas to buy myself something?

  2. love the collection, and thank you for adding me in it! I want one of cubistliterature's tees too...might just have to do it!

  3. I do love that'd be a cool real tattoo. Hehe. And that bunny photo does make you wonder about things....eeek!


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