Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the BEAUTY detox solution.

i am a crazy, health-obsessed,
vegetarian, morning coffee only,
green tea {all day},
supplement taking,
admitted sweet lover.


i LOVE good food!
and have an admitted daily craving
for dark chocolate and baked goods.

having said all of that,
i read everything i can get my hands on
about preventative nutrition and holistic healing.

i just purchased the book The Beauty Detox Solution 
by celebrity nutritionist Kimberly Snyder  from amazon
and can't wait to implement all of the ideas and recipes. 
the book focuses on a holistic approach that focuses 
on increasing energy, balance and healing of the body at the cellular level. 
the lifestyle concentrates on eating a largely plant-based diet 
that promotes healthy, glowing skin. 
the author believes that a heathy digestive system is essential to beauty. 
in order to rejuvenate cells and fight aging you need 
to cleanse your digestive tract 
by eating probiotic-rich foods daily.

Kimberly as also been featured on Dr. Oz, he, along with Dr. Weil,
are my go-to doctors for medical and nutrition advice,
so i made sure that at least one of them liked
what she had to say before i purchased her book.

i have already added the smoothies {below} to my daily routine,
the rest of the things I already eat pretty often,
but thought i'd share them with you.

here are a few daily beauty recommendations:

take a daily probiotic
eat cabbage {a great source of vitamin C for brightening}
eat a 1/4 of raw sunflower seeds daily {vitamin E, delays aging}
enjoy avocado {moisturizes}
drink a glowing green smoothie
drink lemon water every day for beauty {vitamin C hydrates}
have Rooibos tea {caffeine free}
add organic cucumber {high in silica for hair and nails} to salads
and red pepper {vitamin A}
and celery {diuretic} you can add almond butter if you'd like
snack on almonds
add kale to soups, smoothies and salads 
add cinnamon to baked goods
eat ginger
use almond milk in place of regular milk
drink green tea
make this smoothie for beautiful hair
and this wrinkle-fighting smoothie for beautiful skin
here are some of the best
Beta Carotene
Vitmin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Vitamin K 
B Complex Vitamin
you can check here for your personal vitamin recommendations
from Dr. Weil.

i'm looking forward to learning more about
the beauty detox solution
and will update you with any new and exciting info.

on my list To Read:  Dr. Hyman's The Blood Sugar Solution.
{although, i'm scared about what i might learn about sugar}.

what things do you implement in your daily habits
for good health and beauty?

anyone read these books?
i'd love to hear your thoughts.

all images from pinterest.