Saturday, December 5, 2009

i'm a punk rocker, yes i am.

gorgeous items above from
amy winehouse wears their acessories.

via twitter, my good friend, jessica from lola vintage asked me what i was listening to this week. for a girl who is completely obsessed with music, i realized that i had gotten so caught up in being busy, that i wasn't really listening to anything. i immediately went through my cds and pulled out michelle shocked, old john mayer, violent femmes, social d and mazzy star.

i'm a punk rocker, yes i am.

okay, so i'm not anymore, but i used to be
{i was 14}, listening to dead kennedys, sex pistols, social distortion, black flag, circle jerks, just to name a few. i bought all my clothes from the salvation army, shaved half my head, seriously. i loved army jackets, anything black, safety pins, doc martens and eyeliner.

it was a short-lived phase, that soon gave way to rockabilly, adam and the ants and bow wow wow, followed by an infatuation with the go gos and madonna
{completely bleaching my hair and cutting it off, wearing it like a virgin style}.
i truly adored madonna, dressing the part, lacey lingerie,
bracelets, ripped tights and all.

through my many phases of music styles,
the best might have been the 80's with fine young cannibals, oooh i love them,
somewhere along the way,
i found my way back to my original loves,
reggae, classic rock, R&B and hip hop.

while i still have a special place in my heart for punk music and fashion,
lyrics are what really influence me,
and well, i'm just not as rebellious as i used to be
{'s a holiday in cambodia...}
doesn't really make me want to sing out loud.

favoring the 'one love' vibe of my favorite artists
like jason mraz, bob, jack johnson, anya marina and so, so many others.
i am obsessed with music
and my style is totally influenced by what i'm listening to that week.
{never country, although,
i have a huge crush on taylor swift and she is on replay a lot lately}.

on that note, i am always looking for something new to add to my playlist.

and suggestions are always welcome.

what are you listening to these days?