Monday, May 10, 2010

not your usual surf shop.

okay, so some really cool friends just opened
this amazing surf shop in leucadia.
we visit surf shops every weekend,
but this is not your usual surf shop.
it's old school, comfortable, artsy-indie,
all around really cool place to visit,
hang out and buy cool stuff.

as tenthings. jewelry proudly hangs there,
i thought it would be fun to show you around...
c'mon, follow me...

gorgeous handmade boards
in luscious colors and designs.

cool, artsy hand-painted signs.

my baby girl...not a morning person,
but willing to get up early for a trip
to visit surfy surfy.

that's grant, {he's cute},
i told him to sell lots

eclectic collections
in shadow boxes.

see the skull?
surfy surfy has an art gallery feel.
not your usual surf shop.
you don't have to surf to
appreciate the 'art' of surfing.
you just have to
stop and smell the surf wax.

cool 'surfy' people hangin' out.

killer shirts by ando and friends,
rake, glide, hippytree, surfy surfy
and more...

beautiful fins.
learn more about surfy surfy here
and stop by next time you're in north county,
you won't be disappointed.

coming soon, photos and more about
some of the other beautiful places tenthings.
is lucky enough to hang out in...


  1. What a cool place.. I know I told you once how much I romanticize Cali (I like to pretend I'm on a nickname basis with California :D) This post only further fuels my California dreamin' fire!!! What a great place for your beautiful earrings!

  2. Kerri you are awesome! And, because of you I want to be a surfer!!!! Love your post!!!

  3. Adorable photos!! I want to go there :)

  4. Love seeing your jewelry located front & center on the counter! Good luck to your friends, the shop looks super friendly, especially to this wannabe surfer ;)


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