Sunday, June 13, 2010


Summer is here, finally...I am such a summer girl...

while, normally, people chill more in the summer, for me, it's more of a juggling kids are off school and want to do so many things. they don't drive, so i am their expressway to fun. 
i strive for balance. 
first, making sure my customers are happy, {lots of orders to fill and i'm a one-man show and that's exactly the way i love it}, 
and that i am happy {as long as i'm creating, i'm happy}, 
and of course, that my kids and husband are happy, 
my animals happiness is super important to me,
and that i am taking good care of myself...
yes, balance...
for me that means; 
doing yoga as often as possible, 
searching and finding inspiration in many forms, 
creating {whether it's jewelry, art, photography or cakes, i must be making something with my hands}, 
maintaining my many friendships {many of you i count among my best friends}, 
spending time with my mom,
or learning...
i must always be learning...
i read everything i can get my hands on as long as it's filled with glossy photos...yes, as i've stated before, i'm a magazine reader...
occasionally it's a book, or at the moment, an e-book...i am reading danielle laporte's fire starter sessions and am absolutely loving it! my friend, leigh, of an american girl in cambodia, turned me on to it and i am totally fired up...leigh has just started a blog for people who are interested in sharing {participating} their experiences with reading the fire starter sessions. please visit here if you'd like to join this group. we're on fire. if you aren't sure what it's all about, take a look at my links on the right and see for yourself.

what are you doing this summer to maintain 'balance' in your life?

care to share?