Sunday, June 13, 2010


Summer is here, finally...I am such a summer girl...

while, normally, people chill more in the summer, for me, it's more of a juggling kids are off school and want to do so many things. they don't drive, so i am their expressway to fun. 
i strive for balance. 
first, making sure my customers are happy, {lots of orders to fill and i'm a one-man show and that's exactly the way i love it}, 
and that i am happy {as long as i'm creating, i'm happy}, 
and of course, that my kids and husband are happy, 
my animals happiness is super important to me,
and that i am taking good care of myself...
yes, balance...
for me that means; 
doing yoga as often as possible, 
searching and finding inspiration in many forms, 
creating {whether it's jewelry, art, photography or cakes, i must be making something with my hands}, 
maintaining my many friendships {many of you i count among my best friends}, 
spending time with my mom,
or learning...
i must always be learning...
i read everything i can get my hands on as long as it's filled with glossy photos...yes, as i've stated before, i'm a magazine reader...
occasionally it's a book, or at the moment, an e-book...i am reading danielle laporte's fire starter sessions and am absolutely loving it! my friend, leigh, of an american girl in cambodia, turned me on to it and i am totally fired up...leigh has just started a blog for people who are interested in sharing {participating} their experiences with reading the fire starter sessions. please visit here if you'd like to join this group. we're on fire. if you aren't sure what it's all about, take a look at my links on the right and see for yourself.

what are you doing this summer to maintain 'balance' in your life?

care to share?


  1. One of the things I'm doing is a photo essay project for the 94 official days of summer. It starts next Monday and I'm hoping the process of capturing my day in a photo EACH day will slow me down and remind me to savor the glory that IS summer. Because, I'm a summer girl too... and it's far too short in this rainy world of mine.

  2. Oh Wende, I LOVE that idea!

    Will you be posting these on your blog???


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