Tuesday, June 8, 2010

c'mon baby light my fire.

who. danielle laporte.
what. fire starter sessions.
why. because it's awesome.

this is how i've been feeling lately.
totally empowered.
on fire.

i am reading the most incredible 'book' i've read
since reading The Secret a few years ago...
{and no, i never visualized my hands
on the steering wheel of a Ferrari
in my case, it would be a
Porsche 911 anyway - that's my dream car}.

i didn't visualze the material things
that they talked about in The Secret,
but the overall message did have a huge impact on my life
...and still does every single day.
gratitude and focusing on
what you want not what you don't want
are the most important things
i learned and those two things truly changed my life.
they changed the way i think about things.
what i focus my energies on.

now on to my latest read...
my friend, leigh, from an american girl in cambodia,
turned me on to Danielle' LaPorte's Fire Starter Sessions,
i checked it out and purchased immediately.

and i am seriously feeling the fire...

i'm a big believer that good things happen
when you're open to them,
and that when the timing is 'right',
people, places, books, ideas come into play
and you have to act on them...
it's a feeling...you know it when you feel it.
and when you feel it. you must act.
whenever i've done this.
the results have been amazing.

i've only read the first few sessions so far,
but i can tell that the fire is spreading
and i am so excited about what
the future holds.

i would love it if you shared
what you're currently reading
or have read in the past
that sparked your enthusiasm...
maybe, you, too, are looking
for that thing to spark your fire.

and coming soon...my summer series:

tenthings i think you should know
about ten inspiring people i know.

(stunning dresses by chabri on etsy}