Monday, June 14, 2010

sacred trestles.

 sacred trestles.

stunning hot pink sea grass.

cool surf hangouts. 
the surfers build these interesting 
spots out of driftwood and rocks.

more pink.

orange sea sponge.

campbell bros surfboards logo

a little something pretty i made. 
{sea fans, seaweed, driftwood, hemp}.

and left behind. 

spent the first weekend of summer 
with family at trestles.


  1. Love the colors you found, Kerri. They really pop out in the pictures!

  2. Hi Kerri how are you?? wonderful pics I adore the orange sea sponge I've never seen one in that color!

  3. Great pics and wonderful finds. :O)

  4. So gorgeous! What an amazing place to camp. (i'm totally jealous!!) And your scarf is so pretty.... you should MAKE those, if you know what I mean *coughetsycough*

    Hey, thank you for taking time out to say such lovely things about our 20th anniversary. It means so much to me!! YOU rock, friend.

  5. Thank friends for all your sweet comments!

    It is a really pretty place. Amazing surf too. One of the best places to surf in the world. It's about 45 mins from our house, so we go often...makes the boys happy!


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