Monday, June 21, 2010

mantra monday.

picsie chick: "It always works out in the end. 
If it hasn't worked out, it's not the end yet." 
Natalie: "When we dream alone, it is only a dream. 
But when we dream together, 
it is the beginning of a new reality" 
"Well done is better than well said" 
and some here from my friend, 

inspiration boards.

and some more from my inspiring friends, 
the stars of my ten people i know blog series.

Giovanna: "Believe in yourself" 
"You can make a difference in someone's life"

Lucy: Never give up!!!

Charlotte: "Karma" 
Well a view or version of karma… 
about soul and destiny, fate and the choices we and others make.

Sana: "Pay it forward." Not extremely original, but I strongly believe that helping others in ways that you can is the true recipe for happiness. I inherited this belief from my mother and grandmother. They are two of the most unselfish women I know.

Susan: "Where you sit is what you see", "if you don't ask you don't get", "never give up" or "go where the love is"....not sure which is my favorite as they change depending upon the circumstance.

Leigh: A few. "Grace under pressure" 
"Stay the course" 
"Don't give up" 
"Celebrate small victories" 
"It is better to be kind than right"

"No great task was ever accomplished with no risk"

Wende: Progress not Perfection!
Alex: In my work, my mantra is really more a question. 
"Would I wear this?"  
The answer has to always be an emphatic "yes!"
My other mantra is really one that is more directed at our home. 
"It'll do for now" 
I borrowed it from a friend, and it relates to all the projects we seem to have going on or have planned. So if I pick up a chair at a thrift store, it might sit around for a while until it gets recovered. Or if I purchase some artwork, I probably won't hang it up right away. We have furniture that needs to be replaced, some shelving I want to put in, a new bathroom, a new laundry room … all those things that home owners want and can’t do all at the same time! And since we have a little boy, certain things I have come to accept - writing on the walls and stickers in random places.

Rachel: Leap and the net will appear”

Tricia: "Stay the course" there were times when the security of the regular paycheck was very luring, but I just kept saying "stay the course" and "Carpe Diem!"