Wednesday, June 30, 2010

happy birthday honey!

we celebrated johnny's birthday 
{you can wish him a happy one here}
at our favorite spot last night, 
'our beach house' 
{our beach house is a tent pitched on a dirt space}. 
we had dinner out and by coincidence 
i met boho girl
a girl whose blog i have followed and admired for some time
i knew it was her the moment i spotted her 
{she's beautiful} with boho boy and boho baby boy.
{boho girl happened to be celebrating her husband's birthday as well at the same restaurant, imagine that}.
more about her again in a future post. such a cool girl, love her!
after dinner, alex surfed while
 we pitched our tent and took an evening walk. 
we settled in around the camp fire. 
we heard guitars softly playing around us,
 and the waves crashing loudly.
this morning we walked to get a bite to eat 
at pipe's cafe 
one of our favorite breakfast spots 
{always delicious!}.
        the boys surfed again.
{waves were small, but they had fun}.

mikaela and i walked tipper and i took photos 
while kids cruised around on skateboards and bikes.
{i saw these kids' pants this morning 
and had to snap a shot, aren't they cool?}. 

we are lucky enough to live 10 minutes from our 'beach house'
so we can visit anytime for a night, or two, or more.

today, it's back to work and our 'real' home.
quick update on sadie: she seems to be doing pretty well, 
wagging and getting up and moving around, slowly and wobbly, 
but doesn't appear to be in any pain. 
we know it won't be long, but we so appreciate the good thoughts 
and coming home today to see her happy face was the best gift of all.