Thursday, June 24, 2010

a peace of cake.

it's summer. it's quiet. i'm feeling super inspired. 
creating lots of new pieces for my late summer/early fall collection.

i want to change things up a bit. 
i'm thinking about a new look for tenthings.

i was fooling around in picnik a bit with photos. just for fun.
{obviously, i have a thing for pink flowers, 
making me think that i seriously need to search for some new inspiration}.

 i'd like to make some new banners for my shop, 
but have no idea how to do that. 
i love the one i have, but want something new, fresh, exciting!
can any of you creatives point me in the right direction?
i don't necessarily want to use photos, just something fresh in the way of a banner. 
something new for tenthings. and something for a peace of cake.
thinking about a simple background with a cool font. 
I've got a ton of fonts, 
but how do you get the background, 
you know something that looks like wallpaper?


i played around a bit and came up with this...
still thinking about changing it,
but for now, this is my new look for tenthings.