Sunday, June 27, 2010

melody gardot.

have you heard of melody gardot?

in 2003, at the age of 19, she suffered a traumatic brain injury. 
even after 18 months of intense therapy and pain medications, 
she was still in pain, 
couldn't handle bright lights or sounds. 
she had {and still has} no short-term memory, 
she was disabled 
and completely desperate and miserable.
* * *
frustrated, she dropped a bag of many pill bottles, 
that weren't working, at her doctor's feet, 
he asked her what did she love as a child.
her answer: she loved to play the piano. 
* * *
she began to play again for therapy. 
now, 7 years later, 
* * *
music is love. music heals.


  1. that's such an inspiring story!!
    music does heal!

  2. I agree Magdalena and her music is so beautiful, too. I love that she is sharing her story to inspire others as well.


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