Monday, June 28, 2010


my so sweet and uber creative friend, alex keller
made this gorgeous treasury on etsy {she's really good at that} 
and the treasury made it to the front page of etsy {which is a big deal!}.
i'm really happy {read: stoked} as my obsession. 
photo is included with all these other stunning photos 
of absolutely beautiful things by some of my very favorite sellers on etsy. 

best of all, my beautiful friend sara of twillypop {you should really get to know her} 
showed me how to find the front page treasury as i missed it on the front page this morning. 
because of sara, i can now share it with all of you through the wonderful website craftcult's widgets.

thanks alex! thanks sara!
next time, tenthings. or a peace of cake. is on the front page, 
i'll know just what to do!
{while retrieving links for this post, i noticed that obsession made it to the front page again, twice in just a few hours...i better go buy some lottery tickets, i'm feelin' luuuuucky!}